Ryan Gosling Will Play The Wolfman For Universal, Studio Searches For Director

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In the past, Ryan Gosling has avoided joining the big blockbuster franchises. We’re sure he’s had multiple offers to star in superhero films, but for the most part, he’s remained in the indie space.

But that’s about to change. Universal has successfully relaunched its monster universe, and now Gosling wants to join. He pitched a new take on the Wolfman, and apparently the studio really liked it.

A script was developed by Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo, and now the studio is in search for a director.

Sources tell Variety that executives at Universal have been meeting with directors over the past month and could be making a decision soon on who will take the reins behind the camera. While there is no frontrunner at the time, Cory Finley, who recently received rave reviews for directing HBO’s drama ‘Bad Education’ with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, is said to be in the mix for the job.

The details surrounding this new “take” are being held close to the studio, but we do know it’s being described as a “present-day story along the lines of Nightcrawler, with a wolfy twist.”

Sounds good to me. I loved Nightcrawler. I love Ryan Gosling.

Sign me up! I AM A WOLF-FAN!

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