Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe Go Viral In Hilarious Therapy Sessions For Upcoming Film ‘The Nice Guys’

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Do you need a little more Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in your life? Of course you do. The two movie stars will take over theaters next month when their buddy action comedy The Nice Guys hits theaters. The trailers for this film have already sold me. I am 99% sure it’s going to be hilarious, but some people might need to see a little more before buying a ticket.

Warner Bros. has got you covered. They have released a series of viral spots featuring Ryan and Russell attending couples counseling. Both stars play their characters extremely well in the clips found at the bottom of this page, which should get you excited for the movie. I would gladly watch two hours of this. It doesn’t even need the action.

Sadly, I might be one of the only people picking The Nice Guys come May 20th. It’s going up against Neighbors 2 and The Angry Birds Movie. It’ll likely come in a distant third, but hopefully these viral videos will help boost the numbers at the box office.







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