Russell Crowe’s Thriller ‘Unhinged’ Has A Solid Opening In The U.S.

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Theaters in the United States have been closed since March due to the ongoing pandemic, but for the first time in several months, they began to reopen this past weekend.

Major theater chains AMC, Regal, Cinemark and even Alamo Drafthouse opened up theaters this past weekend. It’s important to note that not all locations were open. For example, there were no theaters open in major markets like New York and Los Angeles.

But still, nearly 2,000 theaters across the country were open and Russell Crowe’s Unhinged‘ thriller took full advantage of being one of the only new films released.

The film took in a little over $4 million this past weekend, which obviously doesn’t sound like a lot, if you’re comparing the numbers to ~normal~ times.

But in these conditions? $4 million isn’t bad at all.

According to Deadline, box office numbers actually rose for Unhinged between Friday and Saturday. The opposite happened for the film when it opened in Canada last weekend, which would seem to indicate domestically that people are really looking to return to theaters.

The plan for the film is to be inside over 2,300 theaters next weekend, so we’ll see how the numbers look. I think that’s going to be even more interesting, ’cause several films are looking to adopt the new strategy of simply being in theaters for a longer period of time.

So if next weekend’s numbers are better or at least close to what they were this weekend, I think it’ll be considered a success.

But if there is a significant drop? That’s a different story.

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