Russel Crowe’s Noah – Trailer and Movie Poster

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If you are worried that the epic Noah movie is going to be shelved, please don’t.  With a budget North of $120 million, and a hungry Paramount studio waiting for a return on that investment, you better believe come Hell or High Water, that Noah will be released.

To my surprise Paramount has been very quiet about the beef over the results of the screening.  As an epic Biblical tale, if things are not done just right, you can have a backlash from the Christian audience that can trim the fat off of some of the box office projections.   Word has it that the third act could prove controversial.

With the release of the full official trailer, all things point to a successful release date as planned on March 28th of next year.

Russell Crowe makes a great Noah, and that poster is Bad ASS. That’s a better than most movies with big budgets these days.

Here’s he teaser and the full size movie poster below.






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