‘The Room’ Director Tommy Wiseau Reveals His Next Film Will Be Shark Attack Movie Titled ‘Big Shark’

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There are two types of people in the world: those who have seen The Room and those who haven’t. If you have watched The Room, your life has likely been changed for the better. It’s a truly amazing film, and by amazing, we of course mean terrible. If that doesn’t make sense to you, well, you probably haven’t watched the movie.

James Franco brought Tommy Wiseau and his film back into the spotlight in 2017 by releasing The Disaster Artist, which is basically a fictional behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Room.

Now in 2019, Tommy is ready to move on and prove he’s not a one hit wonder. During a screening for The Room, Tommy unleashed a teaser clip from his upcoming shark attack film Big Shark.

“The teaser starts off with Patrick, played by Tommy Wiseau, who introduces his friends Tim (Isaiah LaBorde) and Georgie (Greg Sestero) to two women at a restaurant. In the next scene one of the women calls Sestero‚Äôs character a jerk and both slap him. His buddies laugh at him and he laughs it off. In the following scene they are walking back to their car when they see water at their feet running through the streets.

After a cut they are already up to their hips in the water and in the background a large badly animated shark consumes its victim. After that the shark goes for the trio and they try to run away. The title card comes on, after which the shot of the CG shark swimming towards the camera and snapping is repeated multiple times.”

This movie is reportedly going to be set in New Orleans. Filming is expected to begin this year and the plan is to premiere the film at the Prince Charles Cinema in September. But if it’s anything like his previous movie, expect lots of delays. We’ll keep you posted.

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