Ron Howard Reveals The Last Movie To Make Him Cry Was Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Honey Boy’ Film

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You may have heard of Shia LaBeouf’s upcoming film, Honey Boy. In the film, Shia basically plays a fictionalized version of his father. It’s Shia trying to deal with his troubled childhood through film.

He wrote the screenplay for this movie and it currently has an impressive 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s not expected to hit theaters until November (perhaps an awards season contender) but some people have already seen it, thanks to its premiere at Sundance.

And one of those people who saw it was Ron Howard. During an interview on Variety and iHeart’s movie podcast, The Big Ticket, Howard was asked about the last time he cried at the movies.

And much to everyone’s surprise, he said it was Honey Boy.

I got very emotional watching that movie. Shia LaBoeuf is basically playing his father, and I think maybe having been a child actor myself, although my circumstance is quite different — it was a very constructive experience — but I thought that movie was raw and true. So I was really empathetic with it and open to it and really admired it and I found it very moving.

Wow. You know Shia has to be riding high after that comment. To get that reaction from Ron Freakin’ Howard? Not bad, not bad at all. And it’s also a good sign for an awards season run, since it’s people like Howard who will be voting.

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