Rogue One: Screenwriter Tony Gilroy Is Bringing Home Millions For His Help With Reshoots And Fixing The Ending

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Everyone knows that actors and directors get the biggest paychecks in Hollywood. The screenwriter, the person coming up with the original idea, often gets a pretty lousy paycheck compared to his/her co-workers.

But that’s not the case for every screenwriter in Hollywood. If you establish yourself as one of the elites, you won’t have any trouble landing a multi-million dollar deal.

Let’s look at Tony Gilroy. The writer responsible for the first four films in the Bourne franchise. He also wrote Michael Clayton and Armageddon. Recently, he was hired to rewrite and help oversee reshoots for the Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One.

At first, the studio only needed him to write dialogue and a few scenes for the reshoots. They were paying him $200,000 a week for his help, which is a nice amount of change to have. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that number is “fairly normal” for a trusted writer on a big-budget film.

But during the reshoots, the workload expanded and Gilroy was forced to take a bigger role, which required more of his time.

More time = more money. According to the report, Gilroy received a $5 million paycheck for his work on the film. That’s a pretty insane number for a writer, especially when you consider the fact that he wasn’t the original writer of the film.

“Gilroy started on Rogue One in June, and by August, he was taking a leading role with Edwards in postproduction, which lasted well into the fall. The reshoots are said to have tackled several issues in the film, including the ending.”

Good for him. #SupportTheWriters




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