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2.5 Stars

I want to start this review off by saying I love Madea. She is the elderly, angry black woman that I would like to grow to be some day. In almost every version of Madea, I have found something redeeming to enjoy. So it is with a very heavy heart that I must say I can not recommend A Madea Christmas to even die hard fans of the franchise.

In this installment, it’s road trip time for Madea. She is traveling with her adult niece Eileen (Anna Maria Horsford), from Atlanta to rural Alabama to surprise Eileen’s daughter Lacey (Tika Sumpter). However, Lacey has secretly gotten married…to white guy Connor (Eric Lively).It has all the standard Madea shenanigans, and Madea goes off on a tangent more than once, eventually saving the day with her age old, slightly threatening wisdom.

So why didn’t I like it? It has all the standard Madea fueled moments, but I guess this time, the jokes felt a bit thin. It was as if the whole story was cobbled together so Tyler Perry could get a Christmas movie out in December, just in time for the holiday movie rush. [more…]

Madea Christmas 4

The central issue in the story is Eileen’s racism, and dealing with her daughters surprise interracial marriage. It watches like an attempt to follow the much better “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. Unfortunately, the clumsy attempt turned Eileen into a racist caricature, spewing out bigoted, classist statements and uttering venom at every turn. I spent the majority of the movie wondering why Lacey didn’t toss her mother out on her ass.

Meanwhile, while this movie seems to be trying to teach a lesson about race, its lofty expectations fall short, because Lacey moved to a completely backwards tiny town in Alabama, where every single white person is an ignorant, three tooth hillbilly with a closet full of KKK robes. The alleged genius Conner’s dad is Larry the Cable Guy.

I wish that guy would just stick to doing heartburn commercials.

Madea Christmas 3

While the acting certainly isn’t Broadway caliber, it never has been in any Madea franchise, and I hardly expected this one to be any different. However, the acting in this one was just plain terrible. Even Tyler Perry’s Madea seemed off. The only person who was remotely believable was Larry the Cable Guy, and that’s only because he spent the majority of the movie gagging up his tired, overused lines from his stand up career. Hey Larry the Cable Guy? You’re a dumb white guy. We get it. You don’t see Jeff Foxworthy still stumbling around telling ‘you might be a redneck jokes,’ do you? Then just stop. The redneck movement is over.

Haphazard subplots about racism, reverse racism, the true meaning of Christmas (hint; it’s all about Jesus) abound. While Madea is usually good for a laugh, this one was just not worth it. It mainly felt like it was cobbled together from as many half written screenplays as Tyler Perry could find, and then released in a hurry in order to get that sweet, sweet Christmas movie revenue.

And Tyler Perry wants to lecture us about the true meaning of Christmas?

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