‘Resident Evil’ Stunt Double Suing Producers Over Horrific Injury She Suffered On Set

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Some bad news for the producers of the latest ‘Resident Evil‘ film, The Final Chapter. The movie was released back in 2016 and had poor reviews from critics, but still managed to make over $300 million at the box office.

But some of that money might be headed to a stunt performer named Olivia Jackson. She performed stunts for Milla Jovovich’s character in the film.

And during filming back in September of 2015, Jackson suffered “horrific” injuries while filming a dangerous motorcycle stunt.

When she says “horrific” she really means it

In the complaint, she says she was slated to shoot a fight scene, but at the last minute she was asked to perform a ‘dangerous and technically complex motorcycle scene in adverse weather’ that involved speeding toward the camera, which was supposed to be lifted by a crane before she reached it.

Jackson says the crane operator didn’t lift it in time. and she collided with the camera, which resulted in it ‘slicing through the bone of her forearm and tearing the flesh off her cheek, leaving her teeth exposed.’ She also suffered other ‘catastrophic’ injuries, her left arm had to be amputated and she was put into a medically induced coma, according to the complaint.

Jesus. Her teeth were exposed? That’s the scariest sh*t I’ve read all week.

Jackson claims producers misled her into believing their insurance would cover any injuries sustained while filming, but they only paid $33,000, which probably didn’t even cover her first night at the hospital.

Now Jackson says she’ll never be able to work in her chosen profession again, according to her complaint. She claims that The Final Chapter grossed more than $300 million and the Resident Evil franchise has topped $1.2 billion but says the company skimps on safety. Jackson also notes that crewmember Ricardo Cornelius was killed during filming on the same movie, and 16 background actors were injured in a previous installment.

No word on how much money she’s looking to get, but whatever it is, it’s not enough. GIVE HER ALL $300 MILLION…HER F**KING TEETH WERE EXPOSED!

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