REPORT: Matthew McConaughey Will Play Villain Randall Flagg In ‘The Stand’

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There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the new adaption of Stephen King’s, The Stand. It was reported earlier that The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone will be directing the four-film series. This surprised some people, as it was originally reported that David Yates would direct.

It’s important to keep that in mind while reading the new rumors surrounding Matthew McConaughey.

According to The Guardian sources, McConaughey will play the role of the villain Randall Flagg. His character is described as a “grinning cowboy with supernatural powers,” which seems like a perfect fit for the 45-year-old actor.

If this report is true, it would just be another victory for McConaughey. After winning an Oscar for his brilliant performance in Dallas Buyers Club, he landed the lead role in one of the biggest films of the year, Interstellar. Oh, and he also starred alongside Woody Harrelson in the hit show True Detective.

The days of starring in terrible romantic comedies (Failure to Launch) are clearly over for Mr. McConaughey.

We do not have a release date yet for the first film in the series, but we do know they plan to start production next spring. We will keep you updated.




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