Remember The Adorable Kid From Jerry Maguire? He Has A Special Father’s Day Message For Tom Cruise (VIDEO)

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If we replaced “The Adorable Kid” in the title with “Jonathan Lipnicki” you’d probably be pretty confused. Trying to figure out who Jonathan played in the movie, “Was he that strange nanny dude?

No, no, no. Lipnicki was, well, that adorable kid. He played little Ray Boyd in the 1996 hit, and he absolutely stole the show. People thought he was going to be the next Tom Cruise! And for a few years after Jerry Maguire, he was the kid version of Cruise.

Landing starring roles in The Little Vampire, Like Mike, Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2. But do you notice how three of those films had the word “little” in their title? Jonathan couldn’t stay little for long. He started to grow up, and the important people in Hollywood didn’t like that. They wanted him to be that cute kid forever.

But life happened, and now Mr. Lipnicki is a 24-year-old competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter. He’s also still an actor; however, as we mentioned above, there aren’t a lot of directors out there giving him a shot.

Thankfully, Screen Junkies, allowed him to voice his frustration in a hilarious Father’s Day rant directed at his onscreen dad, Jerry Maguire.

Check out the video below. And if you’re a director in Hollywood, please contact Jonathan and give him a job…


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