Remember Disney’s ‘Sky High’ Movie? Well A Sequel Could Be Coming Soon…Details Inside!

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All you true fans of cheesy Disney films from the early 2000s will remember a little movie called Sky High. The original superhero flick had a decent amount of success at the box office. It made $86.4 million against a budget of $35 million.

But then it developed a cult following after airing on Disney channel almost every weekend. That’s where I first watched the movie. For the longest time I thought it was one of their original Disney channel films.

A sequel has been wanted by fans for years, but we’ve never heard anything official. After all, it’s been 11 years since the film was released and it’s not like it made a tremendous amount of money. It was moderately successful, and that’s typically not enough to make a studio pull the trigger.

However, Mike Mitchell, the director of the film just hinted at a possible sequel during an interview with The Hollywood News. He was there promoting his new movie Trolls when he was asked about the progress of Shrek 5.

And according to him, they’re debating on whether they should start on Shrek 5 next or Sky High 2

“Who knows? It’s between that and we’re working on a sequel to Sky High. We’ll see how that goes.”

Now there is a chance he might have been joking. Later in the interview he joked about developing a sequel to Joe Dante’s The Howling.

But if there was going to be a sequel to Sky High, it would have to be now. Superhero movies are huge right now, and Sky High managed to make close to $90 million back in 2005 before the explosion of the superhero genre.

A sequel could perform really well. Check out the original trailer for the first Sky High in the video below…


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