Quentin Tarantino Refuses To Back Down, Responds To Police Boycott Of His New Film ‘The Hateful Eight’

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Police unions across the United States have called for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, The Hateful Eight. This coming after comments the talented filmmaker made during a rally in New York to bring attention to those who have been killed in police shootings.

During the October 24 rally, Tarantino said, “I’m a human being with a conscience. And when I see murder I cannot stand by. And I have to call the murdered the murdered and I have to call the murderers the murderers.

Obviously, you can understand why some officers were a little upset by his comments. They specifically didn’t like his usage of the word murder. They decided the best way to respond was to call for a boycott of his upcoming film, and so far huge police associations in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia have agreed to join.

Surprisingly, Quentin didn’t respond to the boycott right away. But now after a few days of thinking it over, he decided to address the issue while talking with the L.A. Times.

“All cops are not murderers, I never said that. I never even implied that. What they’re doing is pretty obvious. Instead of dealing with the incidents of police brutality that those people were bringing up, instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country, better they single me out. And their message is very clear. It’s to shut me down. It’s to discredit me. I’m not being intimidated. Frankly, it feels lousy to have a bunch of police mouthpieces call me a cop hater. I’m not a cop hater. That is a misrepresentation.”

We have seen something like this happen before. You say something even a little controversial, and unfortunately people will jump all over you for it. We’ve seen regular people getting fired from jobs for a joke they’ve posted on Twitter, we’ve seen artists go down for criticizing the war, etc.

Free speech is great, but it doesn’t protect you from people reacting negatively to your words. Will this hurt him at the box office? Probably not. I think most people understand where Tarantino is coming from, especially after they read his full quote.

Plus…his movies are freaking awesome. He could call me a douchenugget and I’d still watch his movies.

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