Put Down Your French Cries: First ‘Joe Dirt 2’ Teaser Trailer Released (VIDEO)

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This is a wonderful time to be alive, folks. The first trailer for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser has been released online! I understand most of you don’t share my excitement, but please just allow me to have this moment.

It’s been over 14 years since we last saw Joe Dirt and his beautiful mullet, and that’s 14 years too long if you ask me. And before you say anything, yes I am aware that the first movie was incredibly stupid.

The critics slammed the film, it only made around $27 million at the box office, and it probably wouldn’t have even made that much if Brittany Daniel (Brandy) wasn’t walking around in a pair of daisy dukes.

However, there were a small group of people (me) who loved the film. It developed a cult following, and those loyal followers never stopped talking about Joe Dirt.

And David Spade admits those fans convinced him to make this sequel…

“I’ve always liked the movie a lot. But I also go by feedback from people I see or [what they write] on Twitter and Instagram. Besides Tommy Boy, this is the most talked-about movie for me.”

So what will Joe Dirt be doing in this sequel? Traveling back in time, of course! We meet Mr. Dirt as a happy family man, but then he gets transported to the recent past, which begins his new journey back to his loved ones.

Spade told Entertainment Weekly the following…

“He’s married now and doing his best, but things don’t all go perfectly for him, as usual. Like he says in the movie, when he gets a setback, ‘I just keep getting stupider.’”

You can check out the trailer below. Joe Dirt 2 will be released on Sony’s streaming service Crackle this summer.


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