If The Projections Are Correct, Ghostbusters May Not Top The Box Office This Weekend

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You know what’s scarier than ghosts? Failing at the box office. Spending $154 million (plus millions more in advertising) on a film, and then not being rewarded with success at the box office. This terrifying situation could come true for Sony and the creative team behind the new Ghostbusters film.

When the movie was first announced, some people believed it had the chance to absolutely destroy at the box office, but after being hit with a storm of controversy and producing the most disliked film trailer in the history of YouTube, things aren’t looking so hot for the studio.

According to The Wrap, experts believe Ghostbusters could bring home up to $50 million during its opening weekend, which is honestly great for a live-action comedy film. The last live-action comedy to bring in over $33 million was Ted 2 last year.

But we have to remember, this isn’t your typical comedy movie. Sony developed this in hopes of creating a new franchise, and at one point believed the “possibilities for sequels” were endless. They might have a lot of ideas; however, it won’t mean much if no one is paying to see them.

One of the more shocking things about this situation is that the remake probably won’t even grab the top spot at the box office this weekend. Even if it reaches the $50 million projection, The Secret Life of Pets is expected to bring in at least another $55 million, and that’s after it earned over $100 million last weekend.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out. Maybe the international market will save the movie.

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