Production Diary #8 – Week 5

Published On April 16, 2011 » 934 Views» By Pedro Sttau »

So the day of our first bit test is here. It’s been a really good week, a lot of progression in the code side of things, but we have also managed to snatch some really interesting partnerships and we are in in the process of sponsoring one of my absolute favorite youtube channels that some of you, specially the movie buffs, have heard of for sure.

Another important piece of news is that next week we will be making a new addition to our editorial team, one of our new community members that has been very active in our blog, and is a  fantastic writer and avid movie fan, more on that later. 😉

The Audit should start at the end of the day, and hopefully it will tell us that we are right on track.

Will keep you updated as the day progresses.




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2 Responses to Production Diary #8 – Week 5

  1. Katy says:

    Every time you talk about code I think about “The Social Network”. That’s a good thing. 😉


  2. Pedro Sttau says:

    Cheers Katie, your comments always cheer me up! 🙂

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