Production Diary #4 – Week 3

Published On April 1, 2011 » 1177 Views» By Pedro Sttau »

This week we have suffered our first minor step back. Krish had to be reallocated to another project for two days and our progression was naturally a bit affected by this.

So right now we are focusing on the registration and login systems, we are trying to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible, after all, if the registration isn’t  intuitive and simple everything else is pretty much worthless.

We are approaching this in a very cool way, where every possible scenario is being taken into account, meaning that if a user has physical disabilities he will be able to enjoy the site just as any user would.

Additionally, if the browser being used had technical limitations, such as javascript disabled, we will still have an alternative interface for those users, that won’t take anything away from the experience.

Hopefully we can continue to progress this weekend to save some time that was lost during the week.


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