Production Diary #1 – Week 1

So let’s kick this off!  We start off right in the end of the first week of development, where we progressed quite a bit in the database design. In reality the conceptual design of the database is done, but it had not been translated into real MySQL data. (It was just an excel with the listing of the tables and corresponding fields)

The database is absolutely crucial for everything that is going to happen from this point on, if we do it right, the programming of the site’s functionalities will be so much easier. It will also have a tremendous effect on the scalability of the site in the future.

One of the things that is really worrying me is that I am still reviewing a lot of our Designs. While creating the database a couple I realized we were missing important elements that really needed to be implemented in the site’s pages, by now design should have been completely out of the way.

I am forcing myself to hold back my “perfectionist

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  1. Pedro,

    Don’t worry, i’m watching you!…. just in case your “perfectionist” tendencies strike again 😛 LOL


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