Previews That Work

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As a huge movie fan today there are only a couple things that irritate me when I go to the theater. One is how many previews or trailers show too much of the story. Actually, that might be one my least favorite things in the entire world.

Once in awhile, however, there is a brilliant preview that draws you in just enough to make you want to see the movie without telling you the whole story. This weekend when I saw Water for Elephants, I was pleasantly surprised to watch the preview for Anonymous. A story about Shakespeare but with a twist.

This preview does what it is supposed to do – it shows us the basis of the story with a few short pieces of dialouge. Then it plays one of my favorite songs by Radiohead, and while the song plays it teases us with small glimpses of the film without much dialouge. Visually it is stunning and shows just enough to make me put that one on the list to see.  Well done!

Check out the preview below.

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4 Responses to Previews That Work

  1. Marina says:

    I personally can’t get enough of them, most of them are more entertaining than the movies, and yes i kind of agree some of them show too much.

  2. Pedro Sttau says:

    I see what you mean Katy, but there is one thing that is even more irritating, and that is when Trailers try to sell you something that isn’t even close to what the movie is going to deliver, and with experience you start to get a sixth sense on this. (ex. the new transformers trailer 😉 )

  3. Katy says:

    So right, Pedro. That is also irritating.

    Marina,I know – some can totally suck me in – so much so – I forget what movie I am actually going to see…lol!!

  4. Breat Movies says:

    99% of the time the trailer is way better than the movie, the only movie i can think of where the movie is better is the dark knight.

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