President Obama Reveals His Favorite Movie Of 2014

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2014 was filled with some outstanding films. There are great movies being released every single year, but it seemed like this year had something special. I could sit here and list all my favorites, but that’s not why you clicked on this post. You came here to find out Barack Obama’s favorite movie of the year.

The answer? Richard Linklater’s brilliant coming-of-age story, Boyhood. He told People magazine, “Boyhood was a great movie. That, I think, was my favorite movie this year.”

Obviously we don’t know how many movies he actually had time to watch this year; however, it’s clear he made a fabulous choice. Anyone who still hasn’t seen the film, I demand that you watch it and love it just as much as I did.

Of course, one of the reasons it might be Obama’s favorite film is because Ethan Hawke’s character is a huge supporter of Obama. There is even a scene where he has his kids help him put up Obama/Biden signs. During the process, a McCain/Palin sign gets vandalized.


Richard Linklater putting up Obama/Biden sign for a scene in Boyhood.

Michelle Obama was also asked about the movies of 2014, but she wasn’t handing out any compliments. Instead, she decided to take a shot at David Fincher’s adaption of Gillian Flynn’s novel, Gone Girl.

“I’ve read others [since, but] I read Gone Girl a couple summers ago, which is one of my favorites. The book is much better than the movie.”

Damn. She had to throw the “much” in there? Really? That’s tough. But we’re sure Fincher won’t be losing any sleep over the diss. His film scored four Golden Globe Award nominations, including one for Best Director.

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