Players From The Milwaukee Brewers Reenact Their Favorite Scene From ‘The Sandlot’ And It’s Actually Pretty Good! (VIDEO)

Published On March 19, 2018 » 612 Views» By Z-rowe »

The Milwaukee Brewers might be the only team in MLB that could pull something like this off, mainly because they seem to have a lot of players who look like grown up versions of characters from The Sandlot.

The classic baseball film was released almost exactly 25 years ago, and to celebrate, some players from the Brewers decided to reenact their favorite scene.

And they did a wonderful job. Stephen Vogt stars as Ham, you have Eric Sogard as Squints, Brett Phillips as Smalls and Christian Yelich as Benny.

Not only did they look like the characters, but their acting wasn’t that bad either. I am surprised. I mean, I don’t think they should quit their day job, but maybe they should start a little sketch comedy group during the winter.

Check out the video below…


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