Pixar’s ‘Onward’ Film Has Disappointing Box Office Opening

Published On March 9, 2020 » 191 Views» By Z-rowe »

It looks like a combination of coronavirus fears and poor marketing negatively impacted the opening of Pixar’s ‘Onward‘ film.

The animated flick, featuring voices from Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, opened this past weekend to $40 million, which was more than enough to take the top spot.

But still, $40 million is a disappointing number for a Pixar flick. It’s the lowest opening for the studio since 2015’s The Good Dinosaur, which made $39 million. Internationally, the numbers weren’t any better for Onward.

It made just $28 million in international markets, which means it sits with a $68 million global total. Experts predicted the film would make over $40 million overseas in its opening weekend, so the $28 million is not ideal.

Deadline notes that the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the fears surrounding it may be a factor in Onward‘s disappointing international performance. The film didn’t even open in the biggest international market China, which closed all its screens amidst its coronavirus quarantine, nor in highly affected countries like Italy and Korea.

So yeah, we’re starting to see how the coronavirus is going to impact the box office, and it’s not looking good. Looks like it was a smart decision to move back the latest ‘James Bond‘ flick.

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