Pixar Hired Topher Grace To Edit A Toy Story Memory Vault And It’s Pretty Great

Published On June 25, 2019 » 245 Views» By Z-rowe »

Topher Grace is a great actor. We all know this. But did you also know he’s an outstanding editor? Some of you may remember his epic edit of all ten Star Wars films, which went viral several months ago. He also did a supercut for The Hobbit trilogy as well.

It’s always been a relaxing hobby for him, but now it looks like studios are actually paying him to edit.

Pixar asked Grace to make a fun/emotional edit that recaps the first three Toy Story movies.

Now Grace is taking us down memory lane with a special cut that recaps the first three Toy Story movies, including bits on main characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, and introductions for all the new faces brought in for the sequels. 

It’s a pretty emotional cut, especially if you grew up with the Toy Story franchise. If you haven’t watched the fourth film yet, don’t read the comments on the YouTube video because there are spoilers.

Check out the sweet edit below…




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