Paris Jackson Is Becoming A Legit Star, Daughter Of Michael Jackson Lands First Role In A Feature Film

For years, Paris Jackson was simply known as the daughter of Michael Jackson: the girl who tried to commit suicide. But she has always wanted to be more than a trivia question on Jeopardy, and she has been working hard to develop her acting career this past year.

Some of you may remember she made her TV acting debut in Lee Daniels’ Fox drama Star, which features a girls group seeking fame and fortune. In the episode (which aired March 8) Jackson played a character named Rachel Wells.

You can check out a clip of her performance in the video below…

Not bad, right? Amazon Studios obviously liked what they saw because Deadline is reporting that the 19-year-old actress will make her feature film debut in an untitled Amazon Studios project, which is reportedly being directed by Nash Edgerton.

She will play a character named Nelly, described as an edgy 20-year-old, so she won’t have to look too far for some inspiration. The dark comedy will also star ‘Selma‘ actor David Oyelowo, who will play a mild-mannered American businessman-turned-criminal.

The film will also star Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfriend and Thandie Newton. Not much else is known about the project at this time, but we will certainly keep you posted as more information is released.

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