What dreams are made of

Have you ever had an idea that has been eating over the years and you had no chance to make it come true? That’s the best way I can come up with to describe the birth of Ourplot. For almost ten years I have been working with clients making visions and dreams materialize, and although he feeling is undoubtedly fulfilling, making your own dreams come true for a change would be even better.

The art of film making is one of my long standing passions, and this is just one of the ways I came up to express it. You see, when someone interprets what he or she has seen in a movie, it’s an act of creation, the original movie plot doesn’t matter anymore, it has ceased to exist, a new script is rebuilt each time an opinion is formed, and like any form of creation and art, there is no right or wrong, there is just pure creation.
This is what this project is all about, creation, better yet, collective creation.

As most ideas, they start alone and end up pretty crowded, so in order to catalyse this process I have brought to this project four very special people that not only share my passion,  but are also willing to devote time and effort to this project, a shot out to Jason Wals, Amanda Dufin, Carl Cosek, and Claire Ryan. Would also like to send a special note of encouragement to Krish Dutta, my talented programmer that accepted this challenge by embarking on this traitorous journey alongside me.

Would finally like to thank my wife for being so patient and supportive of me and my crazy ideas, and although it might seem that this project has just began, in reality it has started a long time ago, and putting up with my insane ramblings and long work hours isn’t easy, especially considering that she has to look forward to more of the same.

While the project is being developed, this blog is going to serve as a “work log

The place to talk about movies

Can you imagine a place where you can share your thoughts about a movie with other people who are equally passionate about movies? What if you could do it through a simple web interface or thought your phone?

Add to this Social Networking functionalities exclusively designed for movie-buffs and movie goers specifically developed to enhance your experience.

“its as if have just finished watching a movie, still haven’t quite left the cinema, and are still discussing the movie you’ve just seen with your friends