Captain America Coming Soon

Well, if you own a TV, you know Captain America is coming soon to theaters. Now, I really despise comic books. Just a personal opinion here, but we all have those right?! Opinions that is.

My thoughts on this Captain America coming to the big screen are mixed. I did not read the comic book and I already feel like grown men act ridculous emulating these super heroes. So, how will the big picture infiltrate these men’s minds?

I envision a million and one Halloween coswtumes parading the parties with bulging biceps and a protruding blue chest. Sometimes I think these movies will entertain the teen population, but for real….grown men get all into these superhero flicks. Spidey, Superman, all of them. With the Green Lantern making noise it’s safe to assume Captain America will do the same.

Me personally, I have no desire to see this flick either in theaters or rental. Actually, I probably wouldn’t watch it for free!! Sorry Captain!

What are your thoughts??

Sundance On Demand Debacle

sundance on demand, time warner cableOkay, so you remember from one of my last posts, I was going to have a weekend soire with one of my friends who began to tire of movies. Still can’t get over that one! We were going to have a Sundance festival in my house with my Sundance on demand channel and I was going to reinvigorate their love for movies. Debacle!

Why a debacle?! I have real issues with Time Warner Cable. Seriously, if I pay for on demand, why won’t it work on demand?! It works when they want it to work. We tried to call up several movies yesterday to watch and every single time, we got the folowing message: blah blah blah not available, try again later.

How many times did we try? At least 50!! I just want to watch a movie for crying out loud. Ridiculous. I pay, therfore I want. Is that such a bad thing???? I think not.

So, I guess we will be rescheduling this Sundance film festival in my house for another day. Until then, my friend is still boycotting movies. Damn, TWC!

Crazy Stupid Love Trailer

crazy stupid love trailer, movie trailersI have to admit, Crazy Stupid Love, might just change my life. I am a huge fan of Julienne Moore anyways; although The Kids Are Alright was a disappointment. 🙁

We just adore lost love movies and rekindled romances, don’t we?! Well, this one not only looks funny but heart-warming as well. The perfect mix with Steve Corelle and Julienne Moore. And the soundtrack sounds phenomenal! I am a music junkie though, I must say.

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you think this flick is a see in the theater or wait for rental? I, myself, will be in the theaters July 29th, 2011 for the release date of Crazy Stupid Love.

Check out the trailer below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Ever Tire Of Movies?

tired of movies, sundanceOkay, so here is a debatable question; ever tire of movies? Stop rolling on the floor laughing! I talked to a friend of mine this past weekend who stated the following; “movies bore me, I’m tired of them!”

I almost fell out of my chair. Bore you??!! You are not seeing the right movies my friend. So, how did I handle this absolutely ludicrous statement? Well, instead of offering to take them to the movies, I invited them over to my place this weekend for a movie in. Yep, an all day event.

I plan on grabbing the Sundance on demand channel and not looking back. I think the issue here is that this poor sole only sees movies like The Hangover and American Pie. While those were amazingly funny flicks, they don;t grasp your soul with depth and wanting more.

So this weekend, I will be watching some great Sundance flicks and I will be back with some reviews for you…and hopefully a new movie buff! Tire of movies. Please!!

What about you? Do you ever tire of movies?

Footloose Remake, REALLY!?

I saw the preview yesterday to the remake of Footloose coming out this October. After the preview ended, I sat there mouth ajar. IT WAS THE EXACT SAME MOVIE – just with different people and some slightly more provocative dance steps. WHY!!?? Will someone please explain this to me?

It is completely understandable that the story of Footloose is a classic, and I was fortunate enough to be growing up during its release in 1984. But I can’t fathom as to why they would remake it or remake it with some of the exact, iconic scenes.

I couldn’t find a decent trailer to embed on here but here is a link to watch it.

Why We Love Movies

I think it’s safe to assume, 99% of the population enjoys the movies. Ever stop to think about why we love movies?I don’t claim to know all the reasons for everyone, but I can at least give my side of the story. 🙂

We love movies because they allow us to be superheroes, be bad guys, zip-line off the side of a tall building and fall in love and live out a story book romance. Those are the things I see.

I know when I was 15, I went to see the 1st Karate Kid by myself. I didn’t care that no one went with me. I just had to see Ralph Macchio kick some bully butt! All the way home, as I walked the 1/2 mile to my house, I was a ninja. I was a karate power house, kicking down trees and knocking out would be burglars. Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio gave me that fantasy.

Still to this day, when that movies comes on, I have to watch. I have to see the underdog win. I also remember the first time I saw, Bridges of Madison County. When Meryl Streep was in that truck with her husband, the rain pouring down and her hand on the door….I could feel the anguish inside her. She played the part so well, I woke up the next day thinking about that film. And for days after that….to me that is when I know a movie has hit my soul.

Not just a movie we talk about laughing at….The Hangover, There’s Something About Mary, but movies that grab our souls and twist and tug so we never forget. Movies we love so much we will pay twice and watch a hundred times over. Movies allow us an escape from reality, no matter what the escape….it’s a moment of release from our hectic lives.

That’s my best guess as to why we love movies, what’s yours? Why do you love movies?

Justin and Cameron Reunited? Bad Teacher

bad teacher, cameron diaz, justin timberlakeWhat better way to stir up rekindled love rumors then filming a movie together right?! Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz team up in Bad Teacher.

Diaz plays a foul mouthed, drinking teacher and Timberlake plays a substitute teacher who becomes a love interest. Hmmm…I think we’ll see Chemistry class here folks, how bout you?!

I’m looking forward to the comic release of this film. Sometimes too many heavy films wear on the mind, ya know? So, a good comedy does a soul good. I don;t think Hangover 2 will do that for me. However, I HAVE to see it because the original was so freakin hysterical!

Anyways, check out the clip for Bad Teacher below and tell me what you think!

Bad Teacher Trailer

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Production Diary #15 – Week 12

It’s been awhile since I have provided you guys with an update. So this week we have taken our first break since the project has began, Krish has been working non-stop and desperately needed a break. We have really made good progress on week 11, so next week things should pick up at a very good pace.

For those you who missed the post, we announced that we had to delay our launch date a couple of weeks back , but as things stand we are ahead of schedule.

Will keep you guys posted, and this weekend I have a small susprise/present to all of our blog members.

The Must See Movie of 2011?

Okay, so I want to keep this short and sweet. Katy last posted about how many movies we will see.

Now, I want to talk about the must see movies of the year. I discussed in an earlier post about I Spit On Your Grave, but I just don;t think I can see that one again. So, here is what I am going with for my film of the year. No, I don’t mean Oscar potential or anything like that, but just a good flick with endless possibilities.

As a matter of fact, I will be going to see this one soon. My pick for flick of the year must see? Super 8!! JJ Abrams is a rock star in the first place and has brought us phenomenal TV, and brilliant movies. So, I am in his corner. I know some great movies are going to be released this year and you know you can check right back here for all the goods…but I am stuck on this train crash story line!

So, How about you? What is your must see movie of the year?