Ouch! ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘Welcome To Marwen’ Have Terrible Opening Weekend At Box Office

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The holiday weekend at the box office was huge, but mostly only for Aquaman. The superhero flick made over $72 million this past weekend, which easily beat every other title at the box office.

Mary Poppins Returns was supposed to make it close, but unfortunately the Disney musical had a pretty disappointing opening at the box office. It made $31 million during it’s five-day opening. As you may remember, experts were thinking Mary Poppins could make $90 million through Christmas. That looks extremely unlikely now. The total figure will probably be around $45 million to $50 million instead.

Welcome to Marwen‘ also had a terrible opening at the box office. The drama starring Steve Carell had a production budget (marketing not included) of just north of $40 million, but it debuted to a disastrous $2.4 million opening.

According to the experts, it could lose up to $50 million when marketing and distribution costs are taken into account.

Universal’s domestic distribution chief told reporters

“It’s a very well-crafted film, but it’s a difficult story to tell. It might take time for audiences to discover it.”

So yeah, Santa is only being nice to Aquaman this Christmas. It’s global total is already close to $500 million.




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