OUCH: Gerard Butler’s ‘Geostorm’ Might Lose As Much As $100 Million

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This might be one of the greatest flops of the year. Gerard Butler’s disaster movie ‘Geostorm‘ worked with a budget of $120 million (including $15 million for reshoots) and was scheduled to be released over a year ago.

It finally hit theaters this past weekend, and it did not perform well. It made just $14.7 million in the states, and has reportedly only brought home $66.8 million worldwide. According to box office experts, the break-even point for Geostorm is around $325 million, and with it only making $66.8 million so far, the future does not look good.

They say Warner Bros. is hoping the film can at least bring in $200 million worldwide, but even that seems like a stretch at the moment. If it can bring in $200 million, then the studio will only be looking at a $100 million loss. We say only because it could have been much worse if the studio went hard with the film’s promotion.

“WB cut its marketing budget for the weather-themed catastrophe movie after pushing back the release date three times from March 2016 to this past weekend, when no Thursday preview screenings were held. It didn’t help that critics gave it a 13 percent Rotten Tomatoes score.”

Surprisingly, this movie is only the second biggest flop for Warner Bros. this year. You may remember the disaster that was King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which worked with a budget of $175 million. Experts claim the film might have resulted in a $150 million loss.




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