The Oscars Are Changing, Won’t Televise Every Award Live And Will Be Adding A “Popular Film’ Category

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Well, the Oscars will probably never look the same again. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s board of governors approved several changes to the popular ceremony.

They are planning to cut time by filming some awards during commercial breaks, which means not all of the 24 competitive awards will be shown live. They will be edited and aired later in the broadcast. It’s not yet known which awards will be filmed this way, but it’s supposedly in an effort to keep the broadcast at three hours…MAX.

In addition to this, there will be a new category added for ‘outstanding achievement in popular film,’ which is their desperate attempt to attract more viewers. This means Marvel films now have a chance to win an Oscar, which also means fans of Marvel might be more likely to watch the show.

This all comes just five months after the Academy Awards had their lowest rated program ever. They still had 26 million people tuning in, but when you compare that to the 41 million viewers in 2010, you can see there is a problem.

So it’s good that the Oscars are willing to change, but I’m not sure this is the change that was needed. A ‘popular film’ category just sounds so…blah. Will anyone really care about the award? Because we all know it’s just there to attract more viewers. It’s not like it’ll mean anything, at least not for the first few years.

And cutting speeches from the live show? I’m sure some people will like that, ’cause most people don’t care about achievement in editing or costume design, but I feel like those people deserve their time in the spotlight because they probably work harder than most actors. So it’ll be a shame to see their speeches cut; however, the Academy promises they will still be aired later in the broadcast, so we’ll how that all works out.

To read more about the changes, click on this link.

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