The Opening Night Box Office Numbers For ‘Logan’ Are Incredible, Could Reach $100 Million This Weekend!

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We have been telling you about ‘Logan‘ for months now. We knew from the first trailer that this film was going to be a massive hit, and when critics started saying things like, “Best superhero movie of the year,” we knew it had the potential to break some records.

The latest film in the X-Men franchise brought home $9.5 million on Thursday night, which is an insanely good number for a Thursday night opening. It’s the highest opening for an X-Men film in years, and it’s the third highest opening for an R-rated film behind Deadpool and The Hangover Part II.

So how much could it make this weekend? Well, some people believe it could touch $100 million. Early projections were coming in at around $65 million, but that was before the huge opening night.

We’ll see how high the number gets. I don’t think it reaches $100 million. I’m guessing it makes $85 million, and that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. Hugh Jackman is going out on a high note, and possibly changing the superhero genre forever.

One thing that will help this movie bring in higher numbers is the fact that it works as a standalone film. You don’t have to be a big comic book fan to follow along.

So it should benefit from attracting the general audience as well as hardcore fans of the franchise.




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