Octavia Spencer Reveals She Has Plans To Buy Out Mississippi Screening Of ‘Black Panther’ For Underserved Communities

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Octavia Spencer is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. Not only does she seem to kill it every single time she’s on screen, but she’s also a lovely person off screen. Back when Hidden Figures was released, she bought out screenings of the film in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles to make sure those that could not afford were able to see the inspiring story.

And now she’s doing the same thing with Black Panther. The Academy Award-winning actress went on her Instagram account to announce her plans to buy out a movie theater in Mississippi, so that those in underserved communities could watch it.

Check out her post below…

The film opens on February 16, so she doesn’t have that much time to work out the details. We know she’ll do it, though. We will update this post once she puts out more information.

By the way, if you missed our post from yesterday, be sure to check it out. The critics are saying some extremely nice things about this movie.

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