‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Prequel Reportedly In Development With Margot Robbie Attached

Margot Robbie, fresh off her starring role in the upcoming ‘Barbie’ film from Greta Gerwig, is ready for her next project, and it looks like it might be a pretty big one.

According to multiple reports, the 31-year-old actress is attached to star in a prequel to ‘Ocean’s Eleven‘ — a heist comedy about con artists who rob millions from a Las Vegas casino.

The film is still early in development at Warner Bros. and it has not been greenlit, but insiders expect that to change.

Jay Roach, who previously worked with Robbie on 2019’s workplace sexual harassment drama ‘Bombshell,’ is directing the film. Carrie Solomon is working on the screenplay, which is expected to take place far away from Sin City, in 1960s Europe. 

If the script delivers and the studio plans to move forward, this movie would likely shoot in the spring of 2023, which means we are looking at a 2024 release date… if everything goes according to plan, which it almost never does in Hollywood.

What’s interesting about that timeline is Robbie will likely be busy all June and July in 2023 promoting the aforementioned ‘Barbie’ film, so production on this potential ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ sequel would likely need to wrap before the middle of June.

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