Nicolas Cage Might Be A God, Crashes A Nicolas Cage Movie Marathon And Does A Dramatic Cold Reading Of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ (VIDEO)

People like to take huge dumps all over Nicolas Cage and his acting career, but those people need to find someone else to sh*t on.

All you true cinema lovers out there know that Cage is one of the greatest actors over the age of 50 and below the age of 54. He is an inspiration to us all, and no one understands this more than Alamo Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan.

Every year in January, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin holds a day-long movie marathon to celebrate the birth month of Cage. It’s been going on for four years, and every single year, MacLennan tries to convince Cage to make an appearance.

He’s never bee able to, but that all changed this year in a big way. The 53-year-old actor showed up at the movie marathon and surprised the audience with a dramatic cold reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” which was incredibly inspirational to him when he was younger. He says it helped him create some of his most insane characters.

After the reading, he was nice enough to do a lengthy Q&A, and then he stuck around to watch five of his films with the audience. He picked the movies to show.

  1. Bangkok Dangerous
  2. Joe
  3. Bringing Out The Dead
  4. Army Of One
  5. Lord Of War

And yes, he watched them all. He didn’t leave early. You know why? Because Cage ain’t no punk.

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