New Super Intense Trailer for “Silence” – Scorsese’s most challenging film yet.

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I consider myself the working man’s movie goer and we consider this site, the working man’s movie site.  What I mean by that is that we are the Dunkin Donuts compared to other movie sites posing as the Starbucks.  I say this (as I often do) so you know that I am aware of my dumbed down approach to movies, even if they are cinematic masterpieces such as this.  You will never get lofty over dramatic descriptions, I basically keep it real.  Here you can expect  comments such as “The camera work was good AF” and things of that nature.

That being said, “Silence” is a film adapted from the novel written by Shusaku Endo.  It follows two Portuguese Jesuit priests (played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) as they go to Japan to find their mentor (Liam Neeson) who Is encountering persecution for his religious beliefs.

The $40 million dollar production was filmed in Taiwan, where they had to recreate 1640 Japan. As you can imagine, this was no small task.

Like most movies, it’s gotten mixed reviews, but Scorsese had a private meeting with Pope Francis and screened it with the hundreds of Jesuits in Rome and received a good response from them; so who really cares about “rotten tomatoes”.

The movie had a limited release on December 23rd and will expand on Golden Globes weekend on January 6th then again over the Martin Luther King Holiday of January 13th.

Watch the trailer….maybe Scorsese can win another Oscar!?! Despite his 12 Noms, he’s only pulled down one for 2006’s “Departed”.

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