The New ‘Logan’ Trailer Has Arrived And It’s Filled With Action, Check Out The Potential Best Picture Nominee Inside! (VIDEO)

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That “Best Picture” comment in the title might throw you off if you haven’t read the comments from Ryan Reynolds about the upcoming Wolverine sequel, Logan. You can click here to check out what he said. Basically, he believes the film has a chance to be nominated for Best Picture in 2018.

And the style featured in the first trailer for the movie showed hints of an Oscar-worthy performance from Hugh Jackman. As most of you know, this will reportedly be the actor’s last time playing the character, so it makes sense that they want to go out with a bang.

This second trailer, which was released today, is more action-packed than the first trailer. It reminds you, “Hey, don’t get it twisted…this is still a superhero film.”

The first trailer was moving and probably one of the best trailers we have seen for a film in a few years, but this second trailer is more true to the film. If you want to know what to expect going in, this is the trailer you need to focus on.

If you go in the theater having seen only the first trailer, you’ll probably be a little disappointed. It’s scheduled to be released March 3, 2017. We are really looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts.




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