New ‘Friday the 13th’ Is Coming And It Won’t Be Following The Found Footage Trend

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In an interview with Esquire, producer Brad Fuller revealed that a new Friday the 13th is coming soon, which is great news for fans of the franchise. And even better news, the producer also announced they won’t be following the found footage trend.

Fuller admitted he’s still not sure how or if the new film will tie in with the 2009 film; however, he made it clear it won’t be a found footage film. This should make fans extremely happy, considering the amount of directors who have jumped on the found footage bandwagon lately.

Filming for the new movie will take place at the end of summer, and it’s currently scheduled for a May 13, 2016 release date.

During the interview, Fuller promised fans this would not be a low-budget horror flick. A lot of time and money will be going into this film.

“You can’t do a great kill quickly. It takes time and the blood levels. You know, every time there’s a drop of blood you have to change their wardrobe and shower people off. You can’t rush that to get it right.”

Sounds like fans can rest easy knowing Fuller has things under control. I usually try to control my excitement when it comes to reboots, but I have to admit I am really excited for this one.

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