New ‘Alien’ Film Is Happening, Neill Blomkamp To Direct!

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Do you need a little bit of good news to get you through this Friday morning? You have clicked on the right post. The brilliant mind behind ‘District 9’ is set to revitalize the classic Alien sci-fi franchise.

It was announced yesterday that director Neill Blomkamp will be working with 20th Century Fox to create a new ‘Alien’ film, which is allegedly set several years after the ‘Prometheus’ sequel. Ridley Scott, the director behind the original film will produce both movies.

Insiders say neither film has a script, but initial reports claim Blomkamp’s project was supposed to star Sigourney Weaver. We still haven’t heard if the franchise veteran is still attached to the project, but we have our fingers crossed that she is.

How great would that be? Seriously, how great would that freaking be?!


If you can’t tell, we are extremely excited about this news. Blomkamp is a wonderful choice, and we can’t wait to see his unique vision combine with this wonderful franchise.

Make sure you go out and support Blomkamp’s latest film, Chappie. You can click on that link to check out a trailer for the movie. It’s scheduled for a March 6 release date.




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