Netflix Purchases Josh Gad’s “Super-Normal” Movie Project, Daisy Ridley And Luke Evans Set To Star

Netflix is taking a chance on Josh Gad and his “Super-Normal” movie project. They have picked up the rights to the film, which is set to star Gad, Daisy Ridley and Luke Evans.

The project is described as a “subversive take on the superhero genre.” The sibling writing team of Jordan and Aaron Kandell are attached to write the script, but it was Gad who came up with the original idea. This project is his baby, and he will be producing the film.

Gad has worked with both Ridley and Evans before. He starred in Murder on the Orient Express with Ridley and he worked with Evans on some film called Beauty and the Beast.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the project got a lot of interest from multiple studios…

“Super-Normal’s intent is to make a character-driven subversive take on the genre that Hollywood and the rest of the world loves too much. The package hit the town late October, generating instant interest and bids from Disney, among other studios.”

We will keep you posted as more information on this film is released. They are in the very early stages right now, so it might be a few months before we hear anything else.

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