Netflix In Talks To Purchase The Egyptian Theater In Hollywood

Published On April 10, 2019 » 199 Views» By Z-rowe »

If you can’t please ’em, why don’t you join them? Netflix is reportedly in talks to buy the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood from American Cinematheque.

It would be their first movie theater purchase, and it could be a huge step forward for the streaming giant. They would presumably use the theater to premiere their original films, especially the ones up for awards.

The proposed deal would likely play out with Netflix programming on weekday nights while the non-profit Cinematheque would program screenings, lectures, and festivals on weekends.

Interesting. So they’ll simply be playing random Netflix films during the week? I guess they can show any movie that’s currently available on their platform, right? Which means a lot of old movies could make their way back to the theater. I suppose that would be cool to see.

I’d also be down to binge watch certain Netflix original shows inside the theater. I think a ‘Stranger Things’ event or ‘Black Mirror’ event would do very well.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. They are still early in the talks, so this deal might blow away in the wind. We’ll keep you posted. 




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