Neil Patrick Harris And Kristen Bell Rent Out Movie Theaters To Show Free Screenings Of ‘Love, Simon’

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We saw multiple celebrities rent out movie theaters to show screenings of ‘Black Panther,’ and now we’re seeing the same thing happen for Love, Simon.

The blockbuster romcom about a closeted gay teenager is receiving a lot of praise from critics. Not necessarily because it’s a fantastic film, but because it’s a solid romantic comedy featuring a gay lead. It’s important because most romantic comedies feature a straight couple, so to keep the format the same, but introduce gay characters, it’s a huge step in the movie business.

And stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Bell understand how important it is. The two stars have rented out theaters to provide free screenings of the movie.

Bell rented out a theater in Minneapolis and invited everyone to come join her…



And Harris did the same thing, except he was in New Mexico…



One day, I hope I’m rich enough to buy out a theater. I’m not sure what film I’d do it for. Maybe Fast & Furious 19. I think that’ll be an important movie everyone should watch at least once.




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