Need For Speed: The Official Movie Trailer – Are you Excited?

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For all of us who have been playing “Need For Speed” for  years, I welcome you to the movie version.  It’s not met with the “Ooos and Ahhhh” that it should receive because it comes about 6 Fast and Furious movies too late.

The Dreamworks adaptation of the video game stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) who not only do I not care for on the big screen, but falls in comparison to Paul Walker.  The storyline is also pretty “meh”.

Paul is a former mechanic who is framed on a manslaughter charge by an Ex NASCAR driver.  When he gets released after two years in prison he plans to get revenge via some super high stakes underground race.  And by the way…the villain NASCAR driver goes by the name Dominic (in case you missed the significance of that, Dominic Toretto is Vin Diesel’s character in the Fast and Furious series).

With all that being said, a fast car, hot chicks and a good car chase can overcome a weak plot and 2nd string leading man just about any day of the week.  Throw in IMAX and you almost don’t need any dialogue.[more…]

Here is the trailer.  What do you think? Are you excited or not?

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