Need For Speed Full Trailer Released

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This trailer is much better then the one that we showed you back in September.  This is a full length feature trailer which means more cars, more explosions and…believe it or not, more story lines?  Yes, we actually get to sort of, see how the plot will tie in to the cars.

The problem with Need for Speed is that it will always be overshadowed by the beloved Fast & Furious Franchise.  Aaron Paul is no Paul Walker.  Where he exceeds Walker in talent, he loses ten times in looks and sex appeal.  There Is No Vin Diesel in Need for Speed and there is certainly no Rock.

Even with all the cars, a montage of explosions and even a car dangling from a helicopter, all of what can be seen in the trailer, you are still thinking that something is missing.  That something is a connection with the characters. We love Dom, we love Tyrese’s Roman, we look foreward to what these particular characters will do in the next installment.

Fast and furious started off as a storyline with cars, this is starting off as cars with a storyline[more…]

Maybe they can pull this off.  We will see when Need for Speed hits theaters on March 14, 2014.



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