‘Need for Speed’ Character Posters Released- Unfortunately No Cars

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Breaking Bad might have been the fuel needed to get ‘Need for Speed’ the momentum it needs to be the next huge “Car” flick that we fall in love with. I have to say the more car chase scenes I see, the more intrigued I become. You have to suspend all sense of reality, what you know about gravity, and how fatal a car crash can really be to enjoy it. This was no different than the “Fast & Furious” series however they at least took their time got you hooked on the characters and then became unreal.

In the first movie it was more cult culture then over the top stunts and chases. Then as it grew in popularity and budget things got a lot more unrealistic. Remember the chase scene dragging a safe behind the car in “Fast 5” or how about the longest runway known to mankind in “Fast 6”.

Need for speed will attempt to bypass all formalities and just get right to it, however the film boasts that there is NO CGI.  Aaron Paul during an interview with Movie Fanatic even says that the stunts are practical.  I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

Here is the interview, the latest trailer (so you can see practical for yourself) and the newly released character posters.  The move hits theaters on March 14th, 2014.

Need for speed 1

Need for speed 2

Need for speed 4

Need for speed 14

Need for speed 15

Need for speed 16

Need for speed 17

Need for speed 18

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