Nate Parker’s ‘American Skin’ Film Has Been Added To Venice Film Festival Lineup

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The name Nate Parker probably sounds familiar to you. He made a huge splash with his movie ‘The Birth of a Nation‘ back in 2016. The movie won awards at Sundance and was sold for over $17 million.

Unfortunately, the happy times didn’t last long for Parker after it was revealed he was once accused of rape. The backlash against him was a little confusing because he had been acquitted of the charge.

But that wasn’t good enough for some people and he was kinda pushed out of Hollywood.

Now three years later he’s ready to make his return. His latest film, ‘American Skin‘ has been added to the Venice Film Festival lineup, and apparently Spike Lee will attend the screening.

Parker is directing/starring in this film…

He plays Lincoln, a Marine veteran who now works as a school janitor and is trying to mend his relationship with his son after his divorce. One day, during a routine police check, the boy is killed, but the officer guilty of shooting him is declared innocent without having to face trial. Lincoln then takes matters into his own hands.

Sounds interesting, right? Perhaps a bit too real for the times we’re living in.

No word on a potential release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

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