Must Watch Trailer: John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Star In Horror-Thriller ‘A Quiet Place’

Remember Jim from The Office? Well, he’s all grown up now and is a legit director in Hollywood. John Krasinski has directed The Hollars and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, and his third film titled ‘A Quiet Place‘ looks to be his best yet.

Krasinski co-stars in the film with his wife Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds. The horror-thriller appears to have a pretty simple plot: a family who lives out in the woods must remain silent, or else they risk being hunted by the unknown.

Sound plays such a crucial role in horror films, so to start off with no sound, and to have the audience waiting for that first mistake by the family, is pretty brilliant. The teaser trailer below sucked me in right from the start.

A Quiet Place will hit theaters April 6, 2018, and I am really excited for it after watching the trailer. I know it won’t be, but I wish this was the only trailer they released. I have a feeling the others will show too much.

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