Must Watch Trailer: Brie Larson Stars As An Imprisoned Mother In Kidnap Drama ‘Room’

Some of you folks may only know Brie Larson from her supporting role in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. And that’s fine, but you should know Brie is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. If you haven’t seen it, please watch her wonderful performance in Short Term 12. Clicking on that link will take you to the movie on Netflix.

The 25-year-old actress was snubbed during the award season a few years ago. She wasn’t even nominated for best actress at the Oscars, which wasn’t exactly surprising considering the film never got the support it deserved during  awards season. But still, she should have been nominated. She deserves some respect.

And she just might get it after her latest performance in Room. The drama based on the bestselling 2010 novel by Emma Donoghue. The story is told from the view of five-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay), who doesn’t realize he and his mother (Brie Larson) are living in captivity until she works out a plan to set them free.

Lenny Abrahamson is the director behind the film. He is responsible for creating last year’s underrated film, Frank. The movie will also star William H. Macy, Megan Park, and Joan Allen. It will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival before being released to select theaters October 16.

You can check out the official synopsis and trailer below…

“Told through the eyes of five-year-old-Jack, Room is a thrilling and emotional tale that celebrates the resilience and power of the human spirit. To Jack, the Room is the world… it’s where he was born, where he and his Ma eat and sleep and play and learn. But while it’s home to Jack, to Ma it’s a prison. Through her fierce love for her son, Ma has managed to create a childhood for him in their 10-by-10-foot space. But as Jack’s curiosity is building alongside Ma’s own desperation — she knows that Room cannot contain either indefinitely.”


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