How Much Will ‘Doctor Strange’ Make During Its Opening Weekend? Find Out What The Experts Are Saying

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Obviously comic book fans were super excited when Marvel announced they were developing a Doctor Strange movie. But that’s where the excitement ended for the most part. The general audience didn’t know what it was all about and had no reason to get excited for it.

But over time, more people have jumped on the Doctor Strange train, thanks in large part to Benedict Cumberbatch landing the leading role. The great reviews from critics certainly don’t hurt either. It’s currently sitting at a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

So what does this mean for its opening weekend? Well, industry professionals believe the film will bring in between $65-70 million this weekend, which would not be bad at all.

It’s already made over $87 million worldwide. It was released in the U.K. and South Korea last week. So even though it won’t match the numbers from Guardians of the Galaxy, it still should be a solid hit for Marvel.

Pretty impressive stuff considering how little the audience knew about this movie when the news was first announced. The promo team has done a wonderful job. If the projections are correct, Doctor Strange will have a better opening than Ant-Man’s $57.2 million.

The film hits theaters this weekend. Watch the trailer below. Are you excited?


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