Mr. Peabody & Sherman Releases New Movie Poster, Movie Stills and Trailer.

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Mr. Peabody and Sherman is actually not a new cartoon but a reboot of an earlier carton that aired in the 60’s.  Similar to how The Simpson’s started off as an interlude during The Tracy Ullman show, Mr. Peabody & Sherman were segments during  “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”.

The film’s main voice will be Ty Burell from the hit television show Modern Family as well as his co-star on the show Arial Winters.  Ty will be playing the lead as Mr. Peabody, who just so happens to be a genius dog, and Ariel will have the role as the adopted boy Sherman’s mischievous classmate.

Other voices that you are sure to recognize are voice over great Mel Brooks, Stanley Tocci and Stephen Colbert. [more…]

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on March 7, 2014.





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