MoviePass Is Trying To Win Back Customers With New Plans, But Are They Already Losing?

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MoviePass is *this* close to becoming the new Fyre Festival, but they’re trying one last play to keep their business alive. After their “$9.95 unlimited plan” completely failed, they tried to shift their business model and offer customers just three movies a month. But even that didn’t work because they started limiting the movies you could actually watch, and by the end of it, the service was basically useless.

But they’re attempting a relaunch. They have a new three-tiered ticketing structure. The first plan is called “Select” and the price starts at $9.95. You can see three movies a month on this plan, but it only allows you the option of the six assorted movies they rotate daily. Basically, it’s the same crappy plan they were offering right before everyone canceled their subscription.

From there, they have an ‘All Access’ plan starting at $14.95, which allows customers up to three movies a month, and they can watch any movie they want on any day, as long as it’s not in 3D or IMAX. The final plan, starting at $19.95, allows users to watch three movies per month in any format, including IMAX and 3D.

MoviePass believes this business model will allow them to keep their heads above water. And look, at $14.95 for three movies a month, that’s still a great deal, especially if you’re no longer trapped by their “selected” movies list.

That being said, there is no evidence this structure is working yet. According to some users who subscribed to the ‘All Access’ plan, they’re still not being allowed to watch movies. And in one post on Reddit, a very obvious fake user made a post talking about how they’ve had no issues and they’re planning on signing their parents up.

“I just wanted to give my impression on MoviePass and the new plans for 2019. I signed up for month to month all access plan and so far it has been great! I have no experience from before with Moviepass, but just want to say I have had no issues seeing movies and all shows and times seem to be available every time I have checked. I am a happy user and if all is good still by next month I am planning to sign up my parents as well. Hope it helps!”

Sounds like a f**king advertisement, right? And the user who submitted this post made their account the same day they posted. A little suspicious. We’re not saying MoviePass is hiring people to write fake reviews on sites. We’re just saying we wouldn’t be surprised.

I cancelled my subscription a month or two ago, and I don’t plan on going back until their new model proves to be successful for at least 3-4 months.

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