MoviePass Makes It Official, Will Continue To Limit The Movies You Can See Each Day

Published On August 16, 2018 » 498 Views» By Z-rowe »

The drama continues with MoviePass. The movie subscription service is just barely hanging on. They have no money left, which means they’re trying to severely limit the movies you can watch in a month.

What started out as $9.95 for basically unlimited movies in a month has now turned into just 3 movies a month.

But in a desperate attempt to save even more money, MoviePass has been limiting what you can actually watch on any given day. For example, this past weekend I could only watch Slenderman. That was the only option available to me. They knew no one would go watch Slenderman, so by only offering that movie, they’re saving a sh*t load of money.

Obviously this chaotic behavior has been making their customers angry, so MoviePass attempted to smooth things over today by making things official and explaining their process.

In an email, CEO Mitch Lowe explained that MoviePass will offer up to six films a day, but what might be available today, won’t be available tomorrow. You can go to to see what will be playing this week.

It’s a head-scratcher, that’s for sure. For example, BlacKkKlansman is available today (Aug 16) but not available tomorrow or Saturday. It magically comes back on Sunday. New release Crazy Rich Asians won’t be available until Sunday as well.

It’s very strange. I mean, at least they’re offering more movies now, but at the same time…WHAT THE HELL?

Stay tuned. We’re sure they’ll be doing something different by this time next week.

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